Message from Study Perth and WAPETIA chairs

Rod Jones, chair of Study Perth, and Pankaj Pathak, from Western Australia’s Private Education and Training Industry Association (WAPETIA), wrote to members on Thursday that “large numbers of in-coming students … are switching to lower-level [vocational] courses within days of arrival”.

Read the full report on Australian Financial Review.

The Western Australian Private Education and Training Industry Association (WAPETIA) is an association of schools and colleges all dedicated to fair and ethical conduct and the provision of quality education.

Our individual membership is based on multi-sector schools and colleges. WAPETIA has a unique understanding of the needs and opportunities in domestic and international education in Western Australia. We deliver a quality education, resulting in positive student outcomes and student experience.

One of WAPETIA’s major points of differentiation is the involvement of owners/principals in the Association.  Meetings are attended by this level of staff, who are required to have the authority to commit to action, and any associated work if required.  In this way, WAPETIA moves quickly, and is a good opportunity for networking and bench-marking.

Since 1989 (over 30 years), WAPETIA has been representing the interests of our members, and our sector, with other significant bodies within WA and nationally.  These lobbying efforts have resulted in stronger recognition of private education and training institutions, government engagement with WAPETIA on policy formulation and implementation, and stronger ties with agents and other stakeholders both in Western Australia and nationally.

WAPETIA also works in strategic partnership with:

  • The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) – previously the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  • Study Perth, Australia (WAPETIA Chairperson holds a place on the Study Perth Board)
  • English Australia


For more details please view our Constitution.

Over the years Western Australia has maintained leadership in many areas of national endeavour. WAPETIA is determined to follow this tradition. It is committed to retaining a Western Australian flavour in both its identity and contributions to the national development of this proven high value export industry

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